Storage Units are Great for Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time of year where everything seems a bit cleaner. All of the muddy snow melts away, the garden starts to look less like a wasteland, and the grass starts needing to be mowed again. This rebirth of nature is perhaps the inspiration for the tradition of spring cleaning. While you are out maintaining your yard, it’s easy to continue the work inside with a window cracked to let the warm breeze come in. However, spring cleaning can be a hassle if you don’t have anywhere to put your belongings while you’re steaming your carpets or repainting your living room. Also, with reorganizing tends to come redecorating. If your old keepsakes don’t match with the new look of your home, it can be hard to find extra space to hide them away for later. In situations like these, perhaps a self-storage unit is the solution you are looking for. Because renting a unit is so flexible, it can be used just for storing your appliances during your kitchen overhaul or can be used long-term for clutter and other things you want to keep.

Clutter is probably the largest aspect of spring cleaning. When trying to figure out what to put into storage, don’t forget to consider your outdoor appliances as well. Lawnmowers can be swapped out and replaced with snow blowers, sprinklers with rakes, and outdoor grills with bags of ice salt. Since you can choose whether to have long or short term stays in storage, you can also opt to de-clutter your closet from winter coats, gloves, and snow boots. Liberating your home from all the extra ‘stuff’ lying around results in stress-free organizing, with the added benefit of the house being easier to clean up next year. With Independence Day creeping up in July, now is the perfect opportunity to celebrate by looking into self-storage and declaring yourself free from the stress and trappings of having too much clutter at home.

Spring is also a popular time of year for selling and purchasing houses and apartments. This becomes an important time to look into self-storage if you tend to have a lot of things in your home. Space is important to most buyers, and having a lot of clutter lying around can really drive away potential offers. Self storage would be very useful in this situation, as you can easily hide away your unnecessary belongings for an open house to show off the full square-footing of your living space. It can also help as you move out to have somewhere to put your belongings as the new tenants move in.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we don’t often use everything we have in our home. While cleaning, you should take note of items that you seldom use or never use. While this phrase typically applies to your wardrobe, it can work for anything: kitchen utensils, office supplies, antiques, heirlooms, etc. After considering these things, selling or donating your never-used items and storing your seldom-used items can dramatically change the amount of free space you have in your home. Extra space looks cleaner, is more organized, and overall results in a more peaceful home setting. Renting a self-storage unit is the simplest way of giving yourself more space without it taking up your home’s real estate.

Even if you aren’t the neatest person in the world, use this season to help you prepare for the Independence Day holiday. Get freedom from your clutter and seldom-used belongings this summer by utilizing a self-storage unit.

Should You Use Self-Storage?

There comes a time in almost everyone’s life where using a self-storage unit would make everything easier. Whether you’re looking to safely store your antiques, are moving into a new home or office, or need a place to park your motorcycle, a self-storage unit offers a worry-free way to manage your valuables. Drive-in Self Storage’s units are all indoors, providing protection from the elements for your property such as fire suppression, humidity control, and temperature control. You should look for a facility where security is taken seriously, where there is 24-hour video surveillance, personal locks available for units, intrusion alarms, and where insurance for your belongings is an option.

Self-storage is also great for those who need space for the short term. There are no long-term commitments or contracts for you to worry about. Rental fees are paid monthly, allowing you to move in and move out when you need to. If you need to plan ahead, a reservation can be made on our units up to thirty days in advance. While these are benefits for the short term client, self-storage is also a good choice for those who need a longer term unit. Because you can access your belongings almost any time of day, you can have the extra space while being able to swap items in and out as necessary, all the while knowing that they are being protected by numerous weather and security precautions. With this kind of flexibility, you can pull out your snowboard for the winter and swap in your bathing suits until you need them again.

Another added benefit of using self-storage is that facilities will often offer units of different sizes. Ranging from the size of a closet to the size of a garage, you can pick an amount of space that is suitable to your current needs. This flexibility allows for you to avoid paying for multiple small units, or to avoid paying for too large a space that you don’t really need. As rental fees generally are determined by the size of the unit, it is important that you get the size that suits your situation the best to make the most out of your self-storage experience.

Storage facilities like Drive-in Self Storage can very well be the best choice for those who need space to store their possessions. If you would like the advantage of being able to access your unit around the clock, feeling assured that your items won’t be damaged by weather conditions, and having the security of knowing your things are under the strictest surveillance; self-storage may definitely be right or you.